Teenpatti (Multiplayer game with Angular JS, Nodejs)




Using Visual SourceSafe – VSS in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 (via adarshvishnoi)

Using Visual SourceSafe – VSS in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 Using Visual SourceSafe – VSS in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 Topics covering Choosing SourceSafe as the SCC Provider in Visual Studio Adding Solution into Source Control of SourceSafe Performing SourceSafe Operations in Visual Studio Changing Source Control Binding Pending Check-ins Window Viewing Source Control Message Visual SourceSafe can be integrated into Visual Studio to source control solution files, project files and application configu … Read More

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Web Sockets soon going to overtake Ajax and comet (via Rahul Garg)

It is a technology that allows bi-directional,full-duplex communication between client-server over single TCP socket.In Ajax, browser makes an XMLHTTP request to the server, which is kept open until the server has new data to send to the browser, which is sent to the browser in a complete response. At the end of the processing of the response, the browser creates and sends another XMLHTTP request, to await the next event. Thus the browser always … Read More

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Covariance and Contra-variance with delegates in C# (via deepssharma)

Covariance and Contra-variance seems to be scary terms for a very simple and familiar concept.  C# 4.0 introduces the notion of Covariance and Contra-variance of generic type parameters for interfaces and delegate types.  For delegate types: Covariance and contra-variance provide a degree of flexibility when matching method signatures. Covariance permits a method to have a more derived return type than what is defined in the delegate. Following e … Read More

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